Pace Myself

I love Charles Martin's books. His latest one came out on June 1st. I had pre-ordered it so I didn't get it in the mail until this past weekend. I have been reading it quicker than I would like; I know I'll be sad when its over. Then, what will I read? I've read all of his other books, already. The one I am reading right now, The Mountain Between Us, is so good that I want to stay up at night to read, and I don't want to get off of the bus in the morning to go to work because I want to keep reading.
I love his books because they aren't limited to a sappy-girl audience (like Nicholas Sparks'). I think guys (who like to read) would enjoy his books. Specifically, I think they would like this one. It's about survival (think Survivor Man in a book), love, family, friendship, and life. The characters in Charles Martin's books are always so real to me. I find myself thinking about them weeks after I've finished a book.
I'm off to go read again. But not too much. I want the book to get me through the week.
Update: I sat down to read and the book mark never made it back to the book. I couldn't help but finish it tonight.


Anonymous said…
I too love Charles Martin books. It makes my year when one of his books are released. If you like Charles Martin also try Lisa Samson.
Anonymous said…
I'm a guy who likes Martin's books.

I've read most of them and found that his portrayal of flawed guys and the women who love them really strikes a chord with me.

"Mountain" is no exception.
Margaret said…
I re-read his books because they are so good. I read some more than twice. They never get old.
Mary said…
I picked up "Mountain" in California before flying home to the Midwest. Not a good book to read on an airplane flight! I was compelled to keep reading it anyway. I wondered about some of the events that happened during that experience of waiting for rescue but I was rooting for the characters all the way. The twist at the end of the story was a bonus, even though a bit sad. I love your books, development of characters and brilliant descriptions of emotions and events. I'm looking forward to the next book!
Travis said…
I am a big fan of Charles Martin books and have read them all. I can't wait until his next book is out. I think Mountain Between us is probably the best although I liked Where the River Ends and When Crickets Cry almost as well.


August 8, 2010
Heather said…
I just realized there were comments on this post!
It's such a joy to see that guys enjoy Martin's books--but then again, why wouldn't you?
To Anonymous, thanks for the recommendation!
To Mary, you area strong woman to read this mid flight!!